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Tweening Effects

You can also tween effects as part of the animation. For example, the star you just tweened had an inner bevel. You could create a star animation that started with a smooth edge and changed to a star with a bevel. The star would appear to morph from one shape to the other.

Create a new document 100 by 100 pixels with a white canvas. Select the Polygon tool and then draw a star on the canvas. Choose Modify > Symbol > Convert to Symbol. Click OK to close the Symbol Properties dialog box.

For this animation, you want to add the bevel to the symbol.


The Polygon tool should still be set to a five-pointed star from the previous exercise. If not, you'll need to change the setting in the Property inspector.

Add an inner bevel to the star and then add a drop shadow.

For this first symbol, change the width of the bevel to zero and change the drop shadow distance to zero and the opacity to zero. This applies the effect, but you can't see it.

Choose Edit > Clone.

For the clone, increase the inner bevel width and increase the drop shadow distance and opacity amount.


The same effects must be applied to both instances of the symbol. Changing the settings to zero allows you to apply the effect to the first instance without making it visible.

Select both star symbols. Choose Modify > Symbol > Tween Instances. Enter 10 as the number of steps and select Distribute to Frames. Click OK. Click the Play/Stop button to preview the animation.

The star morphs from the first shape to the second one. The effects you applied are also animated.

You can close this file without saving.



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