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Chapter 15. OPTIMIZING > Following the Optimizing Steps - Pg. 292

292 Chapter 15. OPTIMIZING People who create Web graphics are obsessed--not necessarily with the look of the graphics (al- though that would be nice)--but with file sizes. They can spend hours working to reduce the size of a graphic from 5.1K to 4.9K. Why the obsession? While two-tenths of a kilobyte may not seem like much to a single graphic, multiply it across all the graphics on a page and it adds up. That adds to the time that it takes the page to download--time that viewers don't want to waste sitting around waiting for a page to come into view. Optimizing refers to setting all the controls so that graphics are created in the proper format and in the smallest possible file size. It is often a juggling act to balance reducing the file size while at the same time maintaining the original quality of the image. Fireworks gives you specialized tools that that make it easy to reduce files while maintaining their appearance.