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Chapter 15. OPTIMIZING > Optimizing in Dreamweaver

Optimizing in Dreamweaver

One of the benefits of using both Fireworks and Macromedia Dreamweaver is that you can make changes to Fireworks files while working in Dreamweaver.

To optimize in Dreamweaver:

In Dreamweaver, select the imported graphic.

Choose Commands > Optimize Image in Fireworks.


Right-click (Win) or Control-click (Mac) to choose the command from the contextual menu.


The Optimize Image in Fireworks command lets you make changes only to the Export Preview settings. If you want to change the content of the image, you need to use the exercise on the following page.

A dialog box appears asking which file you want to open 41.

Figure 41. Dreamweaver's Find Source for Optimizing dialog box lets you open the original Fireworks source file or the exported image.

Yes opens the Fireworks PNG file. This is called the source file.

No to open the file that was exported from Fireworks and then inserted into Dreamweaver. This could be a GIF or JPEG file.

Navigate to find the source file or the exported file.

Use the Fireworks Export Preview dialog box to make changes to the file 42.

Figure 42. The Fireworks Export Preview appears as part of the process of optimizing Fireworks files from within Dreamweaver.

Click Update. Fireworks makes the changes to and saves the source PNG file. Fireworks then re-exports the file. Dreamweaver updates the inserted image on the page.


If you have made changes to the size of the file, click the Reset Image button in the Dreamweaver Property Inspector to see those changes on the page.



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