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Chapter 11. MASKS AND INTERACTIONS - Pg. 204

204 Chapter 11. MASKS AND INTERACTIONS Objects in Macromedia Fireworks don't exist all alone on the canvas area. You can set one object to interact with other objects in many different ways. For instance, you can set one object to be partially transparent so you can see through it to other objects below. You can use the shape of one object as an electronic cookie cutter that punches a hole in another object. One object's path can be used to form a mask or boundary so that other objects can only be seen within the mask. A mask can also be used as a filter that changes the opacity of other objects. Finally, you can set the blending modes of objects so that the colors of one object merge or change depending on the colors of any objects below. This interactivity and masking gives you far more choices than ordinary fills, strokes, and effects.