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Chapter 20. EXPORTING > Setting HTML General Properties

Setting HTML General Properties

The General tab of the HTML Setup contains several options for different aspects of the exported files.

To set the HTML General options:

Click the General tab in the HTML Setup dialog box:

Use the HTML Style list to choose the program that you want the HTML code to be inserted into 11:

Figure 11. The HTML Style list lets you match the HTML code to the application you use to create the Web page.

  • Choose among the programs Macromedia Dreamweaver, Microsoft FrontPage, or Adobe GoLive.

  • Choose Generic if you don't know the Web page layout program you will be using or if you will be hand coding the page.

Use the Extension list 12 to set the file extension applied to the HTML file.

Figure 12. The Extension list lets you change the extension that is added to the file.

Check Include HTML Comments to add the extra comments that explain the functions of the different codes and show how to copy and paste the code into your page layout.

Check Lowercase File Name to insure that no capital letters are used in naming the files.


The Lowercase File Name option forces Fireworks to save your files with only lowercase letters — even if you have uppercase letters in the file names. This is helpful if your Web server does not display files that contain uppercase letters.

(Mac) Use the File Creator list to choose which application can be used to open the HTML code 13.

Figure 13. The File Creator list (Mac) lets you assign a specific creator code to the HTML file.



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