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Chapter 2. DOCUMENT SETUP > Altering Documents

Altering Documents

Having created a document, you can still make changes to it. You can change the size of the image or the size of the canvas. You can also change the color of the background of a document.

To change the image size:

Choose Modify>Document>Image Size to open the Image Size dialog box 5.

Figure 5. The Image Size dialog box lets you change the size and resolution of an image.

Use the Pixel Dimensions height and width fields to change the absolute number of pixels in the document.


The Pixel Dimensions fields are not available if Resample Image is off.

Use the Print Size height and width fields to change the display size of the image.


Press the pop-up menu for pixels or inches to change the size of the document by a percentage.


Select Constrain Proportions to keep the image from being distorted.

Use the Resolution field to change the image size by increasing or reducing the number of pixels per inch.


Scanned images may become blurred if the resolution or size of the image is increased by more than 50% 6.

Figure 6. The effects of resampling an image to increase its size while maintaining the resolution. Notice the blurry edges in the resampled image.

Use the resampling pop-up menu to choose how the scanned imaged will be changed 7. The four choices are Bicubic, Bilinear, Soft, and Nearest Neighbor.

Figure 7. The resampling choices control how scanned images are changed.


Use Bicubic for scanned images such as photographs. Use Nearest Neighbor for images with straight lines and text such as screen shots. Use Bilinear or Soft only if you do not get acceptable results with the other two methods.



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