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Chapter 19. BEHAVIORS > Creating a Nav Bar

Creating a Nav Bar

A Nav Bar (from the term navigation bar) is a set of button symbols that work together to move to different Web pages. You first create the button symbols and then assemble them into a graphic symbol that acts as the Nav Bar.

To create a Nav Bar:

Create the button symbols you want to use for the Nav Bar.

Choose Insert>New Symbol. This opens the Symbol Properties dialog box.

Set the Symbol type as Graphic 21. Name the Symbol and click OK. This opens the Symbol Editor.

Figure 21. A Nav Bar is created as a Graphic symbol.


Although a Nav Bar contains button symbols, it is actually a graphic symbol with nested button symbols.

Use any of the tools to create the background artwork for the Nav Bar.

Drag the button symbols from the Library panel into the Symbol Editor for the Nav Bar symbol 22.

Figure 22. Drag buttons from the Library panel onto the artwork for the Nav Bar graphic symbol.

Choose Share This Layer from the Layers panel menu to set the layer to be seen across all frames 23.

Figure 23. The artwork for a Nav Bar must be on a shared layer.


The Share Layer setting ensures that the buttons change their states without white areas around them.

Use the Add Frames command in the Frames panel menu to add as many frames as there are states in the symbol buttons.


Two-state buttons need a total of two frames. Four-state buttons need four.

Close the Symbol Editor. An instance of the Nav Bar appears in the Library panel 24.

Figure 24. The Graphic symbol for the Nav Bar appears in the Library panel.



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