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Chapter 9. Sharpening : Getting an Edge on Your Image - Pg. 280

280 Chapter 9. Sharpening : Getting an Edge on Your Image The human visual system depends to a great degree on edges. Simply put, our eyes pass infor- mation to our brain, where every detail is quickly broken down into "edge" or "not edge." An image may have great contrast and color balance, but without good edge definition, we simply see it as less lifelike. As it turns out, no matter how good your scanner and how crisp your original may be, you always lose some sharpness when the image is digitized. Images from low-end flatbed scanners and digital cameras always need a considerable amount of sharpening. High-end scanners sharpen as part of the scanning process. Even a high-resolution digital camera back mounted on a finely focused view camera produces images that will benefit from sharpening. You cannot solve the problem of blurry scans by scanning at a higher resolution. It just doesn't work that way.