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Chapter 5. Color Settings: Configuring Photoshop's Color Engine - Pg. 91

91 Chapter 5. Color Settings: Configuring Photoshop's Color Engine Welcome to the heart of Real World Photoshop 6 . While we consider every topic in this book to be important, when push comes to shove, Photoshop's deepest, darkest secrets lie right here in the Color Settings chapter. Without understanding how Photoshop handles color behind the scenes, there's no way to get really good color (or black-and-white) images out of Photoshop. It's dense stuff, but we assure you that in the long run it's worth slogging through it. (For maximum benefit, we recommend reading the whole chapter once, and then reading it again.) When Photoshop 5 arrived, we knew its new way of handling color would cause people headaches. Now, once again, the folks at Adobe have made sweeping changes to the way Photoshop 6 handles color. If you're familiar with earlier versions, be prepared to re-learn a lot. Whether you're a Photo- shop newbie or an old pro, be prepared to spend some time in this chapter, 'cause we're going