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Chapter 7. Color Correction: Thinking in RGB and CMYK - Pg. 201

201 Chapter 7. Color Correction: Thinking in RGB and CMYK If you opened this book and went straight to this page looking for easy answers, stop. Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200. While you're in jail, you should take some time and read through a few other chapters. First off, take a look at Chapter 4, Color Essentials . Then, if you're looking to convert your image from RGB to CMYK, or if you're trying to make decisions based on what you see on the monitor, or if you're confused about the brave new world of color management systems and device profiles, you're going to need to know about RGB, CMYK, and Gray working spaces, and Color Management Policies (so go read Chapter 5, Color Settings ). And when you make color corrections in Photoshop, you're really manipulating the tone of the individual color channels, so you need to understand how to tweak grayscale images before you touch color ones--they're at least nine times more compli- cated! (So you'd better read the last chapter, Tonal Correction, too.)