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Chapter 8. Color Correction > Closing Thoughts

Closing Thoughts

There's no question that being introduced to color correction for the first time can be a little overwhelming. But look at it this way: if you were five years old and just learning how to write your name, the effort would seem Herculean. But by the time you're five and a half, writing your name is as easy as pie. So it will be with color correction after you've been through the process a few times. The techniques described in this chapter are the very same ones used by the high-paid color maestros who put out all of those ever-so-perfect glossy magazine ads. It will take you a while to really get the hang of these techniques, but once you do, it should take you less than two minutes to correct most images. And remember—you're infinitely better off if you can fix color problems at an early stage in the image creation process. And the more you understand about that process, the less fixing you'll have to do.


On the CD accompanying this book, you'll find a PDF file that supplements this chapter. The file, called “extras.pdf,” contains the following topics related to CMYK color correction:

  • Calculating highlight settings

  • Calculating neutral grays

  • Flesh tones

  • Curves

  • Traditional CMYK Setup settings

In the same file, you'll also find information about

  • Correcting for scanner only

  • Using unwanted colors

  • Matching color between documents

  • Enhancing blue skies

  • Sharpening black channels



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