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Author's Acknowledgments

Author's Acknowledgments

Even though my name appears on the cover of this book, it was, of course, a collaborative effort, and would not have been possible without the help of the following people:

Regina “GNR's” Cleveland, the “Queen of Logistics” here at Digital Mastery, who (as usual) went way beyond the call of duty to get this book out the door. I don't think she's had a day off in well over a month and I doubt she's been getting too many hours of sleep, either. Without her, I would never have been able to get to the finish line. Now that the book is done, I'm sure she'll be happy to regain her weekends and will very soon be asking for a well-deserved vacation.

Marjorie Baer (Executive Editor) and her remarkable patience in allowing the book to continue over what felt like a millennium while I lived through everything from a threatening forest fire and a relentless travel schedule to a slew of commitments that always found a way to distract me from the business of writing.

Susan Walton, who put her trust in me when I was a first-time author.

The Watchful Wendys, Wendy Sharp and Wendy Katz, whose scrupulously careful editing and insightful suggestions made for a much better book.

Victor Gavenda and his persistent ability to go through the technical content with a fine-tooth comb and split hairs when necessary.

Kate Reber, who has rallied people in four time zones to keep this project on schedule and made it her business to see that it was done well.

Maureen Forys, for translating a bunch of words and pictures into great-looking pages.

Matt Wagner and Vivian Glyck, whose assistance has made this revision more rewarding.

Jay Nelson, who has helped me in more ways than I can imagine or remember. He's an amazing guy who always comes through in a pinch, and seems happiest when he's lending someone a hand.

Jerry Kennelly at Stockbyte and Stephanie Robey at PhotoSpin, whose generous contributions of stock imagery made it possible for us to include a bunch of great practice images on the CD at the back of the book.

My brother Nik, who was always at the ready with as much constructive criticism as I could handle, while others would simply say “Oh, that's nice.”

To all of the gifted artists and organizations who contributed images to this book: your illuminating work transformed our bare pages into things of elegance, sparkle, and humor.

Don Barnett David Plunkert
Howard Berman Howard Schatz
David Bishop Jeff Schewe
Robert Bowen Naomi Shea
Robert Brünz Michael Slack
Alicia Buelow Bronson Smith
Jimmy Chen Gordon Studer
Tom Nick Cocotos Stephen Wishny
Bob Elsdale Dutton Children's Books
Diane Fenster Graphis Press
Louis Fishauf HarperCollins Publishers
Ryszard Horowitz Lowe & Partners/SMS
Chris Klimek Rizzoli Publishers International Press
Maria Kostyk-Petro
Nick Koudis Schieffelin & Somerset
Eric Meola Sony Electronics, Inc.
Beverly Ornstein  

And finally, I thank all the people who have attended my seminars over the past six years. You've given me a limitless supply of inspiration and feedback and have allowed me to follow my passion for knowledge and understanding.

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