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Chapter 21. PREFERENCES > Saving Files Preferences

Saving Files Preferences

Choose Image Previews: Never Save to save files without previews, choose Always Save to save files with the specified previews, or choose Ask When Saving to assign previews for each individual file when it's saved for the first time.

Mac OS: Click Icon to display a thumbnail of the image in its file icon on the desktop. Click Full Size to include a 72-ppi PICT preview for applications which require this option when importing a non-EPS file. Click Macintosh Thumbnail and/or Windows Thumbnail to display a thumbnail of an image when its name is highlighted in the Open dialog box.

Mac OS: Choose Append File Extension: Always or Ask When Saving to include a three-letter abbreviation of the file format type (i.e., "tif" for TIFF) when you save a Macintosh file. This is helpful when converting to Windows.

Win and Mac: Choose/check Use Lower Case if you want the extension to appear in lowercase characters.

Check File Compatibility: Maximize backwards compability in Photoshop format to maximize file compatibility with previous versions of Photoshop and other programs (e.g., a rasterized version of each layer is saved for programs that don't support vector data). This option produces larger file sizes and causes files to save more slowly.

Check Enable advanced TIFF save options to enable the TIFF format (for saving layers and annotations) and to use JPEG or ZIP compression.

In the Recent file list contains [ ] files field, enter the maximum number of files that can be listed on the File menu > Open Recent submenu (0–30).



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