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Well, it was a close race between us and the Supreme Court, and for quite a while it was too close to call, but the Presidential election was settled (sort of) before we finished this book. Well, at least we counted all our pixels and gave it our all, if that's any concession. If there are any errors in this book, the television set in Elaine's office is to blame.

As for whatever was done right in this book, we owe some gratitude to all of the following people:

Nancy Aldrich-Ruenzel, Publisher, Peachpit Press. She "suggested" we try to finish this book in a compressed time frame—and we fell for it! Luckily for her, Santa Claus bestowed the two newest members of our household, Poo-Chi Distraction 1 and Poo-Chi Distraction 2 (robotic interactive puppies) after we dotted the last "i."

Marjorie Baer, Executive Editor, for helping us find the help we sorely needed.

Cary Norsworthy, Editor, for answering our constant questions and requests so quickly, it borders on mindreading.

Victor Gavenda, Technical Editor at Peachpit Press, for testing this book in Windows and revising several chapters when he should have been on a tropical island recuperating from coauthorship of his awesome new book, Real World Bryce 4 (Peachpit Press? Why, of course).

Lisa Brazieal, Production Coordinator, for getting our electronic files ready for the print shop.

Mimi Heft, for her beautiful cover design.

Gary-Paul Prince, Publicist.

Keasley Jones, Associate Publisher.

The rest of the growing family of Peachpitters.

Tom Baer, Ronnie Bincer, Lisa Brenneis, Nolan Hester, Barb Obermeier, freelance writers, for revising various chapters ("delegate" is our favorite new word!).

Leona Benten, for proofreading and copy editing.

Cheryl Landes, for indexing.

Adobe Systems, Inc., for making software that's not always easy to write about, but is easy to get enthusiastic about. (Just do us a favor, folks—slow down the upgrade cycle. What's the Big Hurry?)

Lois Thompson and the crew at Malloy Lithographing, for not only doing a quality print job, but doing it in record time under enormous pressure.

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