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Lesson 2. Working with Selections > Selecting with the lasso tool

Selecting with the lasso tool

You can use the lasso tool to make selections that require both freehand and straight lines. You'll select a bow tie for the face using the lasso tool this way. It takes a bit of practice to use the lasso tool to alternate between straight-line and freehand selections—if you make a mistake while you're selecting the bow tie, simply deselect and start again.

Select the zoom tool, and click twice on the bow tie pasta to enlarge its view to 300%.

Select the lasso tool (). Starting at the upper left corner of the bow tie pasta, drag to the right to create a freehand outline across the curves at the top of the bow tie. Continue holding down the mouse button.

To select the right edge of the bow tie, hold down Alt (Windows) or Option (Mac OS), release the mouse button, and then begin outlining with short, straight lines by clicking along the edge. (Notice that the pointer changes from the lasso icon to the polygon lasso icon.) When you reach the bottom right corner of the bow tie, do not release the mouse button.

Freehand outline with lasso tool

Straight-line outline with polygon lasso tool

Completed selection (outline crosses starting point)

Release Alt/Option, and drag to the left to create a freehand outline across the bottom of the bow tie. (The pointer returns to the lasso icon.)

Hold down Alt/Option again, and click the mouse button along the left edge of the bow tie to draw straight lines.

To complete the selection, make sure that the last straight line crosses the start of the selection, release Alt/Option, and then release the mouse button.

Choose View > Fit on Screen to resize the document to fit on your screen.

Hold down Ctrl (Windows) or Command (Mac OS), and drag the bow tie selection to the bottom of the melon face.

Choose File > Save.



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