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Review questions

Q1: What is the difference between a bitmap image and a vector graphic?
A1: Bitmap or raster images are based on a grid of pixels and are appropriate for continuous-tone images such as photographs or artwork created in painting programs. Vector graphics are made up of shapes based on mathematical expressions and are appropriate for illustrations, type, and drawings that require clear, smooth lines.
Q2: What does a clipping path do?
A2: A clipping path stores the outline of a shape in the Paths palette. You can change the outline of a shape by editing its layer clipping path.
Q3: What tools are used to move and resize paths and shapes?
A3: You use the path component selection tool ( ) and the direct-selection tool ( ) to move, resize, and edit shapes. You can also modify and scale a shape or path by choosing Edit > Free Transform Path.
Q4: Does the type tool create vector shapes?
A4: No, the type tool adds text, not vector shapes, to an image. If you want to work with the characters as vector shapes, you must create a work path from the type. A work path is a temporary path that appears in the Paths palette. Once you create a work path from a type layer, you can save and manipulate it like any other path. You cannot edit characters in the path as text. However, the original type layer remains intact and editable.
Q5: What is the purpose of merging layers?
A5: Merging combines several layers into one to keep your file size manageable. When you've finalized the characteristics and positioning of a layer's contents, you can merge the layer with one or more other layers to create partial versions of your composite image.
Q6: How do you automate tasks?
A6: Using actions is one of several ways that Adobe Photoshop and Adobe ImageReady provide to automate tasks. An action is a series of commands that you play back on a single file or batch of files.



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