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Lesson 6. Photo Retouching > Replacing part of an image

Replacing part of an image

Because the sky is fairly drab and overcast in this photograph, you'll replace it with a more interesting sky from another file. You'll begin by selecting the current sky.

Select the magic wand tool ( ).

In the tool options bar, enter 16 in the Tolerance text box.

Using the magic wand tool, click to select part of the sky. Then hold down Shift and click the rest of the sky to select it.

Choose File > Open and open the file Clouds.psd from the Lessons/Lesson06 folder.

Choose Select > All, and choose Edit > Copy to copy the selection to the Clipboard. Close the Clouds.psd file.

In the 06Start.psd file, choose Edit > Paste Into to paste the clouds into the current selection.

Notice that a new layer has been added to the Layers palette.


ImageReady does not have a Paste Into command. To replicate the effect, select the sky as shown in step 3, and delete it. Open the Clouds.psd file, and copy it as in steps 4 and 5. Then choose Edit > Paste, and move the cloud layer beneath the boat layer.

Select the move tool ( ), and drag the clouds into the position you want.

Sky selected

Clouds pasted into sky

Clouds moved into position

Now you'll change the clouds' opacity to make them blend better with the rest of the image.

With the clouds layer still selected, adjust the Opacity in the Layers palette. Either use the slider bar or type any number from 01 (1%) to 100 (100%) in the Opacity text box (we used 55%).

Choose File > Save.

Opacity set to 55%


Now you'll flatten the image into a single layer so that you can apply the Unsharp Mask filter, the final step in retouching the photo. Because you may want to return to a version of the file with all its layers intact, you will use the Save As command to save the flattened file with a new name.

Choose Layer > Flatten Image.

Choose File > Save As. In the dialog box, type a new filename, and click Save.



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