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Lesson 4. Painting and Editing > Creating a patterned border

Creating a patterned border

As mentioned earlier in this lesson, you can fill a layer or selection with a color, texture, or pattern. You'll define a checkered pattern and use the paint bucket tool to paint the image border with it.

In the Layers palette, select the Pattern_Fill layer.

Choose File > Open and open the file Pattern_Check.psd from the Lessons/Lesson04 folder.

Choose Select > All.

Choose Edit > Define Pattern.

In the Pattern Name dialog box, enter Checkered for the Name and click OK.

Close the Pattern_check.psd file.

Select the paint bucket tool ( ) hidden under the gradient tool ( ).

In the tool options bar, choose Pattern from the Fill menu. Then click the Pattern arrow ( ) to open the Pattern pop-up palette, and select the Checkered pattern you defined.

Selecting the Checkered pattern in the Pattern pop-up palette

Using the paint bucket tool, click in the 04Start.psd image.

The entire layer is filled with the checkered pattern. Now you'll use the guides included in the start file to help you cut out the central area of the pattern and create the border.

Choose View > Show Extras or View > Show > Guides.

Select the rectangular marquee tool ( ) and draw a rectangular marquee over the central area of the image that matches up with the guides.

To help you match your selection with the guides, make sure View > Snap To >Guides is active.

Choose Edit > Cut.

Selecting with the rectangular marquee tool

Selected area cut from the image

In the Layers palette, choose Multiply from the Blend Mode menu for the Pattern Fill layer.

The Multiply blending mode multiplies the original color of the image by the colors in the pattern to give a darker blend.

To view the image without guides showing, choose View > Show Extras or View >Show > Guides to hide the guides.

Choose File > Save.

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