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Review questions

Q1: For image optimization, what are the advantages of using ImageReady rather than Photoshop?
A1: There aren't really any advantages to using one application over the other for optimization. Both Photoshop and ImageReady can perform a wide range of image optimization tasks. ImageReady has many Web-specific features that you won't find in Photoshop, but image optimization is not one of them.
Q2: What is a color table?
A2: A color table is a table that contains the colors used in an 8-bit image. You can select a color table for GIF and PNG-8 images, and add, delete, and modify colors in the color table.
Q3: When does browser dither occur, and how can you minimize the amount of browser dither in an image?
A3: Browser dither occurs when a Web browser simulates colors that appear in the image's color palette but not in the browser's display system. To protect a color from browser dither, you can select the color in the Color Table palette, and then click the Web-shift button at the bottom of the palette to shift the color to its closest equivalent in the Web palette.
Q4: What is the purpose of assigning matte color to a GIF image?
A4: By specifying a matte color, you can blend partially transparent pixels in an image with the background color of your Web page. Matting lets you create GIF images with feathered or anti-aliased edges that blend smoothly into the background color of your Web page.
Q5: Summarize the procedure for creating an image map.
A5: To create an image map, you define hotspot areas of the image using the image map tools or by selecting layers and choosing Layer > New Layer Based Image Map Area. Then you use the Image Map palette to define the shape of the hotspot and link each hotspot to a URL address.



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