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Lesson 14. Optimizing Images for the Web > Batch-processing file optimization

Batch-processing file optimization

ImageReady supports batch-processing through the use of droplets-icons that contain actions for ImageReady to perform on one or more files. Droplets are easy to create and use. To create a droplet, you drag the droplet icon out of the Optimization palette and onto the desktop. To use a droplet, you drag a file or folder over the droplet icon on the desktop.

In ImageReady, choose File > Open, and open any file in the Lessons/Lesson14/Photos folder.

Experiment with different file formats and other settings in the Optimize palette as desired until you are satisfied with the result.

Drag the droplet icon ( ) out of the Optimize palette and drop it anywhere on your desktop. (If you are using Windows, you may have to resize the ImageReady window to make your desktop visible.)

Close the file (without saving it), and quit ImageReady.

From your desktop, drag the Photos folder from the Lessons/Lesson14 folder and drop it onto the droplet to batch-process the photographic images within the folder.

ImageReady optimizes each file and adds the Web image to the Photos folder.

Open any of the Web image files in the Photos folder.

Notice that they have all been optimized according to the settings specified when the droplet was created.

Quit ImageReady when you are done.



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