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Using a grid

Before you adjust the next set of pears, you'll display a grid and use it to make a precise rectangular selection that you can repeat on the remaining sets of pears. A grid helps you lay out images or elements symmetrically. Selections, selection borders, and tools snap to the grid when they are dragged within 8 screen pixels of it. (Grids are not available in ImageReady.)

In Photoshop, choose View > Show > Grid. The grid with the default settings appears in the image window.

Choose Edit > Preferences > Guides & Grid.

You adjust the grid settings using the Preferences dialog box. You can set the grid to display as lines or as points, and you can change its spacing or color.

In the Grid section of the dialog box, for Color, choose Green. For Gridline Every, enter a value of 2. For Subdivisions, enter a value of 1. Click OK to apply the changes to the grid.

Setting grid option


In the Navigator palette, zoom in on the pear image, and drag the Navigator marquee to move to the top right corner of the image.

Select the rectangular marquee tool ( ). Then drag a selection border to select the top right set of pears. As you drag, the selection border snaps to the grid.

Next you'll set the rectangular marquee tool to a fixed size to make subsequent selections easier.

In the Marquee tool options bar, choose Fixed Size from the Style pop-up menu, and enter the height and width you want to use. We used 200 for both the height and width.

Choose View > Show Extras or View > Show > Grid to hide the grid.

Set of pears selected using fixed-size marquee



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