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Chapter 7. The Art of the Cut > Optimizing Individual Slices

Optimizing Individual Slices

We just created a simple and fast home page by letting Photoshop determine the optimization process. Let's go in and choose for ourselves exactly how we want to optimize our StichStyle Home page.

Open the Home page document that we just used above.

From the top menu bar select File>Save For Web.

In the Save For Web dialog box, click on the Slice Select Tool (see Figure 7-16).

Figure 7-16. The Slice Select tool in the Save For Web dialog box.

You will see the image with all the slices unselected.

Look over at the optimization box in the far right of the dialog box (see Figure 7-17). There is no option available.

Figure 7-17. No options are selected when no slices are selected.

Click on the first slice.

Notice that the right options box now has all the optimize options available (see Figure 7-18).

Figure 7-18. The optimize options are available for each selected slice separately

With the Slice Select tool, click on the slice with the masked faces.

Hold your Shift key down and click on the slice below the faces. You'll see that both images are selected and both slices will have the same optimization settings applied. (You can do this in the main layers palette also. By linking images, you will apply the same optimization settings to all linked layers.)

Set the optimize options to JPEG High (see Figure 7-19).

Figure 7-19. Setting optimization settings to JPEG for the faces.

And as you did in the last example, click Save.

Select a location for the HTML file and the images.

Click OK.

Find the HTML document where you saved it and drop it on a Web browser. You will see that the entire page shows up as an HTML page. Some of the images are GIFs and some are JPEGs.



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