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Chapter 2. Jumping In with the Basics > Creating and Editing Text

Creating and Editing Text

One of the great new features of Photoshop 6 is how we use text. In previous versions of Photoshop, a separate text dialog box popped up when you clicked on the Text tool. Now you can type right on the page. This makes creating, maintaining and modifying text quite easy. We'll use the Text tool to create StichStyle magazine's logo and categories.

Now click on white in your color palette in order to get a contrasting color to the backgound blue we just used.

Click on the Text tool in your toolbar (see Figure 2-13).

Figure 2-13. The Text tool.

Click anywhere in your document and type the words “stichstyle.com” (see Figure 2-14).

Figure 2-14. StichStyle.com in plain text.

It's best if you go to the type menu options bar (see Figure 2-15) and select the font and size before you start typing. We've chosen the font Helvetica for this Web site so that everyone can follow along and create the same thing without font substitutions. You are welcome to use any font you like.

Figure 2-15. The new logo as all one color, one font, and one size.

If you chose not to pick a font first, highlight the words “stichstyle.com” and select Helvetica Bold and type 50 into the point size menu box in the menu options box above the document. Click the Commit checkmark in the upper right of the type menu options bar. The entire logo will now be one size and one font (see Figure 2-15).

We have a new option available to us in Version 6. You can change the font and the size within the same word now. Highlight the words “.com” and type 25 into the point size option box in the options menu (see Figure 2-16).

Figure 2-16. The new logo modified to change the size of the words “.com.”



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