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Style Effects

We've got a few more pieces to create for the Home page. We need to create the text for the beautiful masked ladies and also the starburst telling your readers that it's the “Year In Review” issue.

Drawing the Starburst

Select the Custom Shape tool from the tool box (see Figure 4-16).

Figure 4-16. Custom Shape tool.

From the Options menu at the top of the page, make sure the starburst shape is selected (see Figure 4-17).

Figure 4-17. The Options menu for Custom Shape tools

With your cursor, draw on a new layer a starburst to match the size of the downloaded Home page image. When you release the mouse button, you may see a drop-shadowed effect already applied to the starburst. We don't want that style.

Make sure the Styles palette is visible. If not from the top menu, select Window>Show Styles.

The default styles will be showing (see Figure 4-18).

Figure 4-18. The Style default palette.

Click a few of the styles and watch your starburst as you do. You'll notice that the starburst will fill up with each of the preset styles you pick.

Let's add some more Styles to our palette. On the right side of the palette, there is a triangle pointing outward.

Hold the triangle down and select Text effects.asl (see Figure 4-19).

Figure 4-19. Selecting new Styles for your Style palette.

When the dialog box asks you to Append, Cancel, or Replace, choose Append.

You will see several additional Styles in the palette.

Roll your cursor over them to see their names.

Select Swimming Pool and click on it.

Look at the starburst (see Figure 4-20). It's a great effect.

Figure 4-20. A new Style on the starburst



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