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Chapter 8. Animation—Yes, You Can Do It! > Timing and Viewing Animations

Timing and Viewing Animations

With the same Animation palette open, we're going to actually animate now.

Let's take a look at the animation you have now.

Click the Start Animation button at the bottom of the Animation palette. It's the same play button as on a CD player (see Figure 8-9).

Figure 8-9. The play animation button.

You will see the animation going at light speed. The word “stichstyle” is changing colors right in front of your face in the main window. The frames are tracking by fast in the Animation palette.

Click the Stop Animation button in the Animation palette (see Figure 8-10).

Figure 8-10. The Stop Animation button.

Click the first frame of the animation in the Animation palette.

Hold your shift key down and select the last frame to highlight all of them (see Figure 8-11).

Figure 8-11. Selecting all the animated frames.

Below each frame it should say “0 sec” which means no delay, hence the lightning speed of the animation.

With all the images selected, hold your cursor over one of the “0 sec” words and you'll see a pull-down box (see Figure 8-12).

Figure 8-12. The option for selecting animation speed.

Select 2 seconds.

Click on the first frame of the animation again and click the Play Animation button.

You'll see the animation moving much slower this time.

You can control each individual frame's timing if you like by just changing the timing at the bottom of each frame.



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