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Chapter 3. Altering Photos and Images > Mastering the Rubber Stamp Tool

Mastering the Rubber Stamp Tool

Getting Rid of the Sweater Rip by Rubber Stamping

The rubber stamp copies a piece from one section of the image and pastes it in another. It's used mostly to clean up little imperfections in images.

We'll first need to zoom in on the image. From the Tool palette, select the magnifying glass icon. Either keep clicking on the area you want to enlarge or use the Zoom tool to “draw“ a selection. That selection will zoom in to fill the window.

Zoom way up on the rip in the sweater and the surrounding area (picture).

What we're going to do is cover the rip with some sweater from the surrounding area. Sort of a digital sweater graft. That way, we get the same texture and color.

Make a copy of the original layer.

Click on the Rubber Stamp tool (see Figure 3-10).

Figure 3-10. Rubber Stamp tool.

Choose a smaller fuzzy-edged brush shape (Figure 3-11). Choosing a fuzzy-edged brush will cause the skin that's already there to softly fade into the wool you'll be covering the rip with, which will look more natural.

Figure 3-11. Choosing a brush to use with the Rubber Stamp.

Position the rubber stamp icon next to the rip, but not too close.

Press the Option/Alt key and hold it down.

Click on a nearby area of the sweater.

Let go of Option/Alt.

Move the rubber stamp icon over the sweater rip and start cloning over the rip.



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