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Chapter 3. Altering Photos and Images > Altering Color with Brightness and Cont...

Altering Color with Brightness and Contrast

The first thing you notice about the picture is that it's a little dark. All the whites and blacks are off and the colors look wrong. His sweater is too faded and the tone is off.

Download the image called celebrity_couple.psd from the Web site under Chapter 3.

Open it in Photoshop.

Make a copy of the background layer.

From the top menu bar, select Images>Adjust>Brightness/Contrast (see Figure 3-9).

Figure 3-9. Brightness/Contrast adjustment dialog box.

You'll see a dialog box with two sliders in it.

Move the brightness slider back and forth and leave it in a random place. Make sure the “Preview” box is checked.

Move the contrast slider back and forth and notice what it does to your picture. Leave the little triangle in a random place.

Press down and hold the Option/Alt key.

Notice how the “Cancel” key now says “Reset.” Click the Reset button. Both triangles return to their original position at “0.”

Contrast is what will help us out in this situation. Since it's too dark, we're going to make it look a little more normal by increasing the brightness. Start out by placing the brightness slider at 10. (How good does it look? That's a big part of being a designer—being honest with yourself when your results aren't quite right.)

On this particular image, it might look a little better if you nudge the brightness up a to 15.

Once you have the result you want, click OK.



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