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Chapter 3. Altering Photos and Images > Sizing Images and Layers

Sizing Images and Layers

The masks image we just cropped is too large for the Web page we're creating. Some of the other images we'll be using will be too small. We'll use the scaling techniques to get the images to the size we want. Remember that scaling an image in any direction will result in a change or loss of quality. (In your own work, you probably want to scan your images at a higher resolution than you will need so you can avoid major quality loss.)

Download the current Home page image from the Web site in Chapter 3-4.

Click on the Masks layer in the Layer palette.

Hold your Option/Alt key down and double-click the layer to bring up the naming box.

Name the layer “Masks.” Now you will be working with that named layer only.

Go to the top menu bar and select Edit>Free Transform or just press Command/Ctrl and T.

You will see a bounding box with a center point, end points, and middle line segment points. (See Figure 3-4.)

Figure 3-4. The Transform bounding box looks like this.

With the Free Transform, you can move the item by placing your cursor in the box and dragging it to the position you need.

You can rotate the object by placing your cursor outside the bounding box and clicking and moving in any direction.

You can skew an object, but we talk about that later.

You can also scale an object.

To scale an object disproportionately: Put your cursor on one of the corner points of the bounding box and click and move that box in or out. You will see the size of the object get larger or smaller depending on how you move.

To scale an object proportionately: hold your Shift key down and then grab the corner point again. As you move it in or out you will see that the object scales proportionately. Most often this is the technique you will want.

Proportionately scale the Masks image down a little bit to match the image on the Web site or in Chapter 1.



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