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Part V: Processing Paper > Creating New Ways to Reduce Paper Pile-Ups

Chapter 31. Creating New Ways to Reduce Paper Pile-Ups

Another effective strategy for reducing paper pile-ups is to imagine if-then scenarios. You will be amazed at the ways you can innovate to reduce the paper in your life. Here are examples of how this creative exercise works:

If... Then...
You and one or more of your friends have subscriptions to the same magazines... Start your own circulating library. Each of you buys a subscription to one magazine and passes it to the others. (This is a great strategy for self-employed people in the same line of work.)
Your company gets an office copy of the same newspaper you receive at home... Cancel the one at home and read the paper at work during a break.
You only sometimes find the articles in a magazine or journal to which you subscribe interesting or useful... Cancel the subscription, then once a week (or month, or however often the publication comes out), cruise your favorite newsstand and check out the table of contents. If you like what you see, buy it; if you do not, keep walking.
You subscribe at home to work-related publications... Ask your manager to budget for office copies. If you are the manager, do it yourself. Then cancel your home delivery.
Your job or your curiosity requires that you read numerous publications regularly... Head for your local library. Most subscribe to every publication you could ever want and then some. Or go Web surfing: Many publications make all or part of their content available online, some for a fee, some for free. (P.S. The Internet is also a good place to check on contents of current issues.)



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