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Chapter 20. Evaluating Your Use of E-Mail > Identify Points of Failure

Step 2:. Identify Points of Failure

From what you learned in Step 1, specify where you are getting tripped up in those steps. Check the boxes below that you can relate to:

To get through all my messages, often I just skim them. The result is that sometimes I overlook what’s important.

Frequently, I will open a message, realize I do not have time to deal with it, promise myself to get back to it, then never do.

I deal with spam by not dealing with it—that is, I spend time every day deleting it, rather than finding a more lasting solution.

I “click away” newsletters, newsgroups, and so on. I signed up for these things, but don’t have time or don’t want to be involved with them anymore.

I grumble every time I’m copied on an e-mail or included in a group message (especially a Reply to All) that I do not need to receive.

I get frustrated, even angry, every time someone sends me a slow-to-download graphics file.

I get too many jokes.

I get annoyed when I get questions from people that were clearly answered in my last e-mail to them—meaning they did not take the time to read it carefully so I now have to take the time to deal with it again.

I have heard and read about new programs or features that would help ease my e-mail overload, but I haven’t taken the time to study them.

Sometimes it is days before I respond to messages, and it is starting to have a negative impact on my relationships. I do this even though I resent it when other people do it to me.

I rarely—or never—clean out, file, or archive old messages. I have hundreds of outdated e-mails that have taken up permanent residence in my in-box.

Despite my frustration with the e-mail I get, I know I’m guilty of causing others the same problems.

I have no patience for the round-robins that happen when someone tries to schedule a meeting with several people via e-mail, resulting in a flurry of messages but no decision.



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