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Chapter 15. Discussing Unsatisfactory Pe... > GUIDELINES FOR TERMINATING EMPLOYEES


  1. Focus only on the relevant job behaviors and documented performance measurements when conducting the final termination interview.

  2. Offer some constructive comments, but be sure that they do not imply you would rehire the person or rescind the termination.

  3. Conduct the termination interview in a quiet, private place where you will not be interrupted.

  4. Terminate the employee early in the week so there can be some adjustment to the reality by the weekend.

  5. Document everything.

  6. Before the termination interview, work with your human resources department or company attorney. Make sure you are clear about the provisions of the termination. Is the employee to pack up and leave that day? Can she or her stay for a period of days? Will there be any outplacement help offered? What are the provisions for benefit continuation and for what periods of time?

  7. Make sure all of the above is in writing and given to the employee to review and sign.

  8. At the time of termination, get any necessary releases from legal action or any agreement about non-disclosure that may be required.

  9. Make sure you have the employee’s final paycheck on his/her last day of employment.

  10. Have the employee return all company credit cards, equipment such as cell phones or computers, software, etc.

  11. Change all entry codes and passwords of which the employee had knowledge.



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