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Chapter 4. Benefits of Better Time Utili... > How Would You Handle These Situation...

How Would You Handle These Situations?

Listed below are situations where an opportunity exists to improve the use of time. Read each example and then check ( ) the choice you feel is the best response.

1: As Jean reviews time cards each week, she spends two hours summarizing the hours of employees who have exceptions such as sick relief or vacation time. She is aware that the payroll department gathers this same information and provides it to all department heads. What should she do?

A. Continue summarizing the information.

B. Stop summarizing the information.

C. Point out the duplication to her supervisor and request permission to stop doing to work.

2: John likes to interview job candidates. He is excellent at matching candidates with job openings. Now that John is manager, he still spends about five hours a week interviewing even though he has a staff to handle this work. As a result, he often takes work home. What should John do?

A. Stay with his present practice. He’s the manager and has the right to do as he wishes.

B. Delegate some of the administrative work to his staff so that he can keep interviewing.

C. Stop interviewing except when the workload exceeds his staff’s capacity.

3: When Alexis assumed her present job, she noticed the quality of expense summaries she received from accounting was inadequate. Expenses were incorrectly allocated, and often two months passed before accounts were correct. In order to have timely, accurate information, Alexis now spends six hours a week keeping her own records. What should she do?

A. Continue keeping her own records. It is the only way to know they will be done correctly.

B. Stop keeping her own records and use what the accounting department furnishes.

C. Meet with the accounting department to work out a way to get the information she needs.

4: Patrick is an assistant in the personnel department. Several times each month, employees ask him to work up an estimate of their retirement benefits. He does them by hand, and each estimate takes 45 minutes. What should Patrick do?

A. Continue his present practice, it seems to work okay.

B. Refuse to prepare estimates except for employees planning to retire within one year.

C. Develop and produce a computer-generated summary sheet which can be personalized.

5: Carlos distributes a computer-generated report to field offices quarterly. A couple of his field colleagues told him that they don’t use the report. What should he do?

A. Ignore the comments and continue to distribute the report.

B. Stop distributing the report and see what happens.

C. Survey all field offices and recommend a change in the report based on what is found.

6: Janice receives 25 to 40 inquiries daily from members about the association’s medical insurance coverage. Each one demands a personal reply. This part of her job consumes most of her time, leaving little time for her other duties. What should she do?

A. Continue providing personal service to members—they are entitled to it.

B. Develop a form letter and mail it along with a plan summary in response to all inquiries.

C. Study recent inquiries to see what questions are most recently asked and develop a series of replies on the word processor that can be personalized.



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