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Chapter 10. Quick Review, Charts and Che... > Review: Clearing the Top of Your Des...

Review: Clearing the Top of Your Desk

In Box Single location to place newly arrived materials in preparation for Daily mail On your desk
Work from the Association
New information
Out Box Single location for completed items prior to distribution. Response to letter delegated to Joe On your desk
Outgoing mail
Documents to type
To-Do List An ongoing list of things you are going to do. Serves as a memory aid and help to set priories. Phone calls to return On your desk
Evaluations to review
Letter to write
Work assignments to plan
Draft outline of program
Calendar Tells you when you will be completing or reviewing certain items. Should include due dates for projects. Upcoming meeting and its location On your desk
Presentation dates
Hard deadlines
Tickler File For items needed in the future that do not have a permanent home elsewhere. Back-up documents for upcoming appointments With assistant or in the file drawer of the credenza
Application to fill out not due for six weeks
Items you will begin next week

I. Working Files Current Projects To keep documents pertaining to currently active projects together. The Anderson proposal Inside your desk
Quality improvement teams
Client files
Upcoming seminars
II.Working Files Administrative Files To keep documents pertaining to ongoing administrative projects or activities together. Minutes of weekly staff meetings Inside your desk
Newsletter ideas
Program descriptions
Financial information
Frequently used forms
III. Working Files People Files To hold information pertaining to people with whom you work closely. Any information where the next step in the process belongs to them. Note to check status of response Inside your desk
Paperwork related to new delegated project
Staff’s long-term goals
Ideas to discuss next time you meet
Wastebasket To immediately remove unnecessary paper and to encourage quicker decision making. Anything that reads “you may have already won…” Under your desk
Second copy of the semi-final draft of the preliminary…
Optional Reading File To keep items for review off the desk, but not forgotten. Journals and magazines Credenza drawer
Vendor newsletters



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