80 EXPAND YOUR JOB Jobs are elastic-they can be stretched. Jobs are alive-they can grow and evolve. You can make your job stretch and grow to fit you better. Here is a strategy for doing that. The best way to expand your job is to identify "unattached problems." These are problems that have not been assigned to any specific person, which means they are available for the taking. Take possession of unattached problems you feel you can solve and that interest you. In most cases, this strategy doesn't require asking permission. You can often just do the task and then present it to your supervisor-perhaps obtaining authority after the fact. Depending upon how important the solution is to the company, you might be able to obtain an upgraded job title, add support staff or services, or possibly even get a raise. Identify Unattached Problems Close your eyes and see yourself at work. Run a typical day across your mental stage. Recall an unusual day, and run it through. Notice what you do and what others do.