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101 The Mirror Principle The mirror teaches "acceptance" or nonevaluation. When you step before a mirror, it reflects you. It doesn't evaluate who you are or wonder if it should reflect you. It simply reflects. The mirror exhibits "concern" because it reflects you totally and not half-heartedly. It does the best it can. And the mirror teaches "detachment." When you step away from the mirror it stops reflecting you. It doesn't protest; it simply lets you go. Mother Teresa A reporter asked, "You work with sick and dying children and they die anyway. How can you stand it?" The Nobel Prize-winning nun replied, "We love them while they are here." Mother Teresa is concerned and loves the children, yet she is detached. If they die, she lets them go. Be Here Now A monk was walking through the jungle when he encountered a hungry tiger. So he ran until he came to a ravine with a vine hanging over the edge. He climbed down until he saw a hungry tiger below. Safe for the moment, he listened and heard the gnawing noise of mice chewing on the vine. The monk was doomed. So he looked about and saw a strawberry plant with one luscious berry growing from the side of the ravine. He popped it into his mouth, and just as the vine snapped, he said, "Ah, delicious!" Don't dwell on past problems or worries about the future. Live fully in the present moment-whatever you are doing. Be Yielding Be flexible. Like water flowing downstream, flow around the rocks in life. Don't be attached to a particular notion of the way things ought to be. Look for alter- native and creative ways to reach your goals. Shift Your Viewpoint Philosopher Alan Watts once said, "Problems that remain persistently insolvable should always be suspected as questions asked in the wrong way." Do you trap yourself in damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don't situations by the way you look at things? Think about things in new ways. See problems as opportunities, and hassles as teachers.