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15 DEMOTIVATING WORK SITUATIONS Demotivating work situations similar to those shown below are key contributors to job burnout and can cause even the most motivated person to burnout. In each case, the ingredients required to sustain high motivation are lacking. Check those that apply to your situation. D D THE CRITICAL BOSS. No matter how hard you try or how well you do, this boss always finds a nit to pick. Eventually, you feel helpless to satisfy this boss. BEING A PERFECTIONIST. Perfectionists focus on eliminating imperfection, no matter how small. Only perfection is acceptable and anything less is criticized as inadequate. Being a perfectionist is like having the worst critical boss-inside your head-eonstantly criticizing your shortcomings. D LACK OF RECOGNITION. Having one's work acknowledged is important, but good work often goes unnoticed. Other forms of lack of recognition include: