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9 Ralph was recently promoted to supervisor. To prepare for the job he took a training course where he learned about the importance of an "open door" policy. Ralph implemented it and people drop by several times a day, but they rarely talk about work. One employee, Jim, told him that he's a "great guy to work for." Because of the constant interruptions, Ralph can't get his work done and must take it home at night. His wife has begun complaining because they never go out any more. Ralph's wins _ Even though Helen has taken several management courses, she can't seem to break the procrastination habit. It was her responsibility to write a proposal for a million dollar grant. The fate of her department hung in the balance. As usual, Helen procrastinated. For two weeks she was paralyzed with guilt and fear. However, she finally got started and, with the help of some pills she gets from a friend, managed to work straight through two nights with only a couple of IS-minute naps. She miraculously got the proposal done just in time. Feeling enormously relieved, Helen went home and collapsed. Helen's wins _