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21 ALIENATION 33. I am isolated from others. 34. I am just a cog in the organizational wheel. 35. I don't have much in common with the people I work with. 36. I avoid telling people where I work or what I do. AMBIGUITY 37. The rules are constantly changing. 38. I don't know what is expected of me. 39. There is no relationship between my performance and my success. 40. Priorities I must meet are unclear. UNREWARDING 41. My work is not satisfying. 42. I have few real successes. 43. My career progress is not what I'd hoped. 44. I don't get respect. VALUE CONFLICT 45. I must compromise my values. 46. People disapprove of what I do. 47. I don't believe in the company. 48. My heart is not in my work. Total This test is reprinted by permission from Beating Job Burnout: How Transform Work Pressure Into Productivity, Dr. Beverly Potter, Ronin Publishing, © 1993: Beverly A. Potter.