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35 CASE STUDY: Janice's Map PART 1: Janice's goal was to set up an on-line database of health-care trends. To figure out the steps to her goal, s-he began at the end by asking, "Can I do this now?" The answer was "No." So Janice asked, "What do I have to do before I can set up the database?" She saw that the data had to be input first. Look at the following illustration and you will see that for the first step backward, Janice drew a circle to the left of her goal and wrote "input data" in it. With one step identified, Janice repeated the process by asking "Can I input the data now?" Again the answer was "no." Thinking of what she had to do before inputting data, she identified"gather data" as the next step backward. When Janice wondered if gathering the data could be done now, she realized that two steps had to be completed first. The database had to be designed, but before she could do that she had to collect studies and product information. This was needed to identify the kind of information that would go in the database. To collect studies and product information, Janice decided she would have to poll industry experts and that she needed to first identify experts to poll. Identifying experts is something she can do immediately. Janice had followed the steps going backward from "gathering data" until she got to a step she can do now.