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57 Scripting Your Pleasant Fantasy Write a description of a situation you find particularly relaxing. Add as much detail as you can. The more the scene stimulates your senses, the more powerful it will be in relaxing you. Where I will be: What I will see: What I will hear: What I will feel: What I will smell: _ _ _ _ Wiggle yourself into a comfortable spot and loosen your belt and shoes. With your eyes closed, breathe deeply to relax yourself. Imagine yourself in your pleasant fantasy. Imagine all the details you wrote on paper. Bring it to life, making it as vivid as possible. Think about the details. Imagine with all your senses. Your pleasant fantasy may come more strongly through some of the senses than others. Don't worry about this. With practice your ability to inlagine will improve. Don't look at yourself as a character on a TV screen. Instead put yourself into the situation. Imagine yourself inside your body during the scene. Notice new sights, smells, sounds, sensations, and tastes that you didn't write on the paper. After returning from your pleasant fantasy, add these new discoveries to the description of your scene: Where I was: What I saw: What I heard: What Ifelt: - What I smelled: _ _ _ _ _