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56 RELAXATION TRAINING PLAN (continued) Practice Relaxing ~ A Quiet Spot: In the beginning it's a good idea to practice in a quiet spot that you already find relaxing. You might try a lawn chair in your backyard, or a comfortable sofa. Your bed is an old stand-by. But don't be surprised if you fall asleep! Answer the following: "My quiet spot for relaxation practice is " ~ At Work: After practicing in a quiet spot for about two weeks, slowly transfer the practice to your daily routine. The key here is slowly. ~ Relax Your Muscles: Instead of a coffee break, you might close your office door, turn off the lights, and spend five minutes tensing and relaxing muscles. Or you might practice during other times when you are waiting for the elevator, waiting on hold on the telephone or waiting for a meeting to start. Tell Yourself to "Relax": Use the "Relax" command. Take a deep breath and tell yourself to relax. Bring to mind tension-producing situations, such as riding the bus home from work. This is an ideal way to unwind for the evening. Or try it before making that phone call that you have been putting off. ~