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54 Relaxation With eyes closed, tense and relax each muscle, one at a time. Study the sensation of tension in the muscle. Think, "Relax," and then release the tension from the muscle, relaxing it as much as you can. Study the sensation of relaxation. Compare the sensations of relaxation and tension. Face and Throat Face: Squint eyes, wrinkle nose and try to pull your whole face into a point at the center. Forehead: Knit or raise eyebrows. Nose and upper lip: With mouth slightly open, slowly bring upper lip down to lower lip. Mouth: Bring lips together into a tight point, then press mouth into teeth. Blow out gently to relax. Lips and tongue: With teeth slightly apart, press lips together and push tongue into top of mouth. Chin: With arms crossed over chest, stick out your chin and turn it slowly as far as it will go to the left. Repeat for right side.