103 SUMMARY 1. Job burnout is an impairment of enthusiasm and motivation caused by feelings of powerlessness at work. It is a destructive process that affects the victim/s health, relationships and performance. Common burnout symptoms include frequent illness, feelings of fatigue, irritability, substance abuse, withdrawal, absenteeism and declining job performance. 2. Burnout can be prevented by adequate amounts of motivational nutrients. "Wins" are essential to maintaining high levels of motivation. Wins include acknowledgment, feelings of satisfaction, rewards and other positive outcomes for doing good work. You must also have at least some feeling of control. To remain motivated you must feel that you can influence what happens to you by what you do. 3. Burnout is cured by developing personal power. Personal power is a feeling of "I can do," a feeling that you can act to increase the wins and reduce the losses you receive. Personal power is a feeling of potency, a feeling that you can influence others and change situations in desired ways.