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Part I: Introduction to Planning > Dangers in Planning

Chapter 8. Dangers in Planning

No process is foolproof, even when you think you’ve done everything right. Fortunately, none of the following dangers is so serious that you can’t cut it down whenever it shows its ugly heads.

  1. Loss of Spontaneity Spontaneity comes with flexibility. It means taking advantage of spur-of-the-moment opportunities as soon as they happen. You can’t plan to be spontaneous— that’s a contradiction in terms. But you can plan to be flexible, and that’s the key.

    If your planning strategies are flexible, you’ll gain spontaneity, encounter a wealth of opportunities, and have an open road in your drive to success.

  2. Too Much Faith in the Process If you put too much faith in how you’re going to carry out your plans, you may be afraid to break out and try something new. Your singlemindedness will keep you from seeing obstacles and alternatives that could affect your chances for success. Instead of moving ahead, you’ll pull up short and your plans will come to a grinding halt.

  3. Lack of Growth If you don’t grow, you’ll stagnate and never get off square one. In order to grow, you need the excitement and stimulation of new ideas, new knowledge, and new methods. So no matter how good you think your plans are when you first start out, you still have to allow for modification and improvement along the way as new concepts germinate and begin to bear fruit.

  4. Psychological Distress Undisciplined planning can lead to shortsightedness, a lack of creativity, and an inability to innovate. That can leave you as frustrated and unhappy as having no plans at all. Disciplined planning can remove the stress and make your journey a pleasant one.

  5. Hang-Up on Methods If how it’s done becomes more important than whether it’s done, then methods, techniques, and procedures will gradually take over the entire goal-seeking process, and your dreams for the future will fade like a summer romance.

    The benefits in planning, as you can see, still far outweigh the dangers. You can avoid these and other dangers entirely by keeping an open mind and not allowing yourself to become addicted to the process.



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