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Part II: Barriers to Concentration > “How can I Concentrate Despite Distraction...

Chapter 5. “How can I Concentrate Despite Distractions?”

Many people feel distractions and interruptions are their biggest deterrent to concentration. Fortunately, many distractions can be eliminated or reduced. Complete the following questionnaire to gain some insight into whether your office setting is supporting or undermining your work efforts. If you are a student, a home-based entrepreneur, or a homemaker, then think of a place at home where you try to study, conduct business or pay bills.

1. Do you have a private office (workplace) with a door you can close for privacy? ? ? ?
2. Does your desk face the wall so you are not visually distracted by foot traffic and/or the activities of others? ? ? ?
3. Does your phone ring more than 20 times a day? ? ? ?
4. Are you responsible for responding to customers and/or visitors more than ten times a workday? ? ? ?
5. Are you interrupted by in-person visits from others more than ten times a day? ? ? ?
6. Does the noise level in your office (copier, phones, computers, FAX) bother you? ? ? ?
7. Are your work surroundings pleasing and comfortable (room is neat, chairs are comfortable, lighting is adequate). ? ? ?
8. Are 75% or more of the materials you need daily within an arm’s reach of your desk? ? ? ?
9. Are file cabinets organized to the point you can retrieve needed files within one minute? ? ? ?
10. Do you have stacks of UPO’s (unidentified piled objects) on your desk? ? ? ?



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