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Following are a few memory exercises you can do on a daily basis that can assist you in improving your memory. Doing them can be enjoyable—so have fun! The secret is to practice them regularly, because “practice makes permanent.”

  1. While passing slowly through the same room, glance around attentively. Then in another room, try to recall as many objects you noted as possible. Put your entire energy into this exercise. Repeat every day for a week, and keep a record of the results. At the end of a week, compare your records and note your improvement.

  2. When on the street observe objects around you. Having passed one block, recall as many objects as possible. Repeat every day for a week and note improvement.

  3. Set your mental alarm clock. When you go to bed, tell yourself to awaken at a certain hour and see how close you awaken to the time you established. If you fail for a time, don’t be discouraged. You will probably be impressed by how well you do. One tip, you must instantly arise at the appointed time or your self will discover you do not really mean what you told your mind to do. Continue until you have acquired the ability to awaken at any desired hour without the aid of an alarm clock.

  4. In the morning resolve to recall a certain thought at an exact hour. Think with much concentration on this resolution and fix it firmly in your mind. Then dismiss it from immediate thought and attend to your other duties as usual. Do not try to keep the special thought in mind. At the end of the day, see if you remembered. In time you will learn to obey your own order. You may have some trouble at first but perseverance will make you master of keeping track of appointments this way. The reflex influence in other matters will appear in due time. Continue for at least six months.

  5. Memorize some statistics that are of interest to you (i.e. the lifetime batting averages of some favorite ball players; the height of the five tallest mountains in the world; the distance to the nearest star, etc.) and for fun quote them to your friends.

  6. At the close of each day carefully review your thoughts and doings since morning.

    1. What were your most valuable ideas?

    2. What were your most intense sensations?

    3. What were your most important actions?



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