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Chapter 13. Unit summary: Technology and... > Independent practice activity

Independent practice activity

1: Choose the best option to decide how and when to use technology.
  1. Focus on the cheapest technologies available

  2. Create a time with no interruptions

  3. Acquire all of the technology available in the market

  4. Learn about every type of technology available

2: Study the following choices, and decide which one identifies a way to avoid e-mail wasting your time.
  1. Look at the subject line

  2. Use multiple mailboxes to receive mail

  3. Turn on notification devices

  4. Read e-mail as soon as it arrives

3: Identify the best way to avoid answering every phone call you receive.
  1. Turn on your voice mail

  2. Unplug the phone from the phone jack

  3. Keep a log of time spent answering the phone

  4. Limit each call to 10 seconds

4: Identify a reason for people to take on too many responsibilities.
  1. Unrealistic time estimates

  2. Opportunity to delegate responsibilities

  3. Feeling secure with who they are

  4. Misperception of their place in the organization

5: Identify a reason for individuals to get disorganized.
  1. Working on too many projects at one time

  2. Working on projects while at home

  3. Working via a telephone or a fax machine

  4. Working after prioritizing the responsibilities

6: Identify a way in which you can avoid taking on too many responsibilities.
  1. Delegate responsibilities to others

  2. Focus your energy on completing all tasks in a day

  3. Rigidly enforce time deadlines

  4. Concentrate on your personal life for a while

7: Identify a guideline you should follow for making your workload more reasonable.
  1. Overestimate time requirements for tasks

  2. Complete tasks that others are hesitant to take on

  3. Try to complete your work while under pressure

  4. Assume that all tasks carry equal weight

8: Identify the importance of stating reasons when saying “no” to someone.
  1. Justifies your inability to supply a timeline

  2. Makes others aware of your priorities

  3. Helps you delegate responsibilities

  4. Offers time to formulate an excuse

9: Identify the correct definition for feeling of expendability.
  1. Belief that an organization does not need you

  2. Belief that no one can do a job as well as you

  3. Belief that you must gain others’ gratitude

  4. Belief that a company must be your foremost concern



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