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1: Select the characteristics of priorities.
  1. Realistic

  2. Short-range urgency

  3. Objectives ranked in order

  4. Measurable

  5. Long-range importance

  6. Reasonable

2: In the following dialog, Shawna and Chris are talking about the need for meetings.

Shawna: Hey, Chris. Why weren’t you at today’s staff meeting?

Chris: I’m sorry. With all this work to do, I can’t afford to waste time going to another meeting. If I had attended the meeting, I wouldn’t have finished half of the things I need to do today.

Shawna: Chris, meetings are not a waste of time. It’s important to attend them, so you should include them in your daily plan of things to do.

Do you think meetings are a waste of time?

When are meetings important?

3: Arrange the steps for setting priorities in the correct order.

Ask yourself whether you want or need to accomplish certain tasks.

Rank tasks in order of importance.

Schedule top ranked priorities during peak energy cycles.

Match your priorities with those of the organization.

List tasks for the day.

4: Prioritize the following set of activities.

Meet a prospective customer at a convenient time.

Resolve subordinate travel bill with the Accounts department.

Make a presentation for the strategy meeting (scheduled five days later).

Call Annie (your friend) to set a time to meet in the evening.

Talk to your supervisor to get his or her approval for the on-coming sales promotion campaign.

5: Watch the movie clip. Why was Chris unable to meet the deadline?



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