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1: Identify the guidelines for creating a daily plan.
  1. Do not include long-range goals

  2. Account for interruptions

  3. Consider deadlines

  4. Make realistic time projections

  5. Ask co-workers how they plan

  6. Plan for two hours a day

2: Select the tasks not to be scheduled in a daily plan.
  1. Tasks you can delegate

  2. Tasks you do not deem important

  3. Tasks done to please others

  4. Tasks that bore you

  5. Thoughtless or unreasonable requests for your time

  6. Tasks you feel should be done by others

3: In the following dialog, Candace and Chris are discussing why Chris is so busy.

Candace: Hey, Chris. How are you doing?

Chris: I’m not so good. I’ve been thinking about the project I volunteered to take on for Mrs. Wolf, and I don’t think I’ll have as much time to work on it as I had originally thought.

Candace: Chris, you have been so busy lately. I don’t know why you volunteered to take on that project in the first place.

Chris: I know. I thought that I could get in Mrs. Wolf’s good graces by taking on an additional project. I’ve been thinking about telling her that I don’t have time for the project, but I’m afraid she’ll be angry.

Candace: You’re going to have to do something. It would be better to tell her now that you can’t do the project than to do the job sloppily because you don’t have enough time. I think you should talk to her.

Chris: You’re right. I’ll go see if she is available to talk to me right now. Thanks, Candace.

Do you think refusing to do the project will help Chris manage his time?

How should Chris tell Mrs. Wolf?

4: In the following dialog, Shawna asks Candace to add another project to her already full schedule.

Shawna: I’m sorry. I’m trying to find this project that I need you to take on.

Candace: What project? I’m already working on multiple projects that I’m not sure I can finish on time.

Shawna: Aha! Here it is. The project is not going to take as much time as the other projects you’re working on. You might have to work a little over the weekend, but I’m sure you can handle it.

Candace: I’m sorry Shawna, but I’m sure that I cannot take on an additional project at this time. I have already worked the past two weekends, and I wasn’t planning on working this one.

Shawna: No, I’m sorry, Candace. I wasn’t aware that you were working so much already. I’ll assign the project to someone else. Thank you for your honesty about your situation.

Candace: I don’t want my other projects to suffer for lack of time to work on them.

Shawna: I agree.

Now, discuss the following:

Think of an instance when you were in Candace’s situation and discuss how you handled it.

5: Make a list of things you need to do to reach your office on time. Now, list the things that you think should not be scheduled.



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