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Chapter 19. Communication > Exercises - Pg. 80

4 ­ 10 Time Management Topic B: Factors affecting productivity Explanation While it's difficult to control interruptions and meetings, there are some factors that you can control. These factors are related to your personality and working style. Procrastination, perfectionism, the inability to say no, and indecisiveness can all adversely affect your productivity. Procrastination Procrastination is a major cause of lost productivity. Too often, people work on easy, low-priority tasks and avoid more challenging, high-priority tasks. Procrastination is an ingrained habit, making it very difficult to break. Procrastination affects your productivity because it wastes your time and energy. Obviously, if you do not work on a project you should be working on, you are wasting time. In addition, procrastination drains your energy because you worry about tasks you should be working on and often miss deadlines, causing unneeded stress. Overcome procrastination To overcome procrastination, ask yourself, "What is the best use of my time right now?" Once you have answered that question, implement a "Do it now" strategy. Implementing a "Do it now" strategy involves determining what the next task you should be working on is, and doing it immediately. In addition to evaluating the best use of your time, make a commitment to others about what you are planning to do. Peer